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350 card Magic: the Gathering Holiday Starter PackageThis Auction is for 350+ Magic: the Gathering cards. All cards will be in good condition or better, and I guarantee low duplication. Included in the Starter Package will be 200 common cards, 40 uncommon cards, and 10 rares. Every deck Needs lands, You will also recieve 100 basic lands (20 of each color.) As well as 10 non basic lands to help in building multi-color decks. I'm also including 10 token cards that help keep track of any spells that may create tokens for your first games.

That's enough cards to build 5  60 card decks and still have a few left over! Plenty of cards to get the entire family playing.

And that's just the cards alone! This Holiday/Birthday starter kit also comes with EVERYTHING you or your kids will need to build their first deck and play their first game. You'll get 100 card sleeves to protect your investment while shuffeling and from general wear and tear. As well as a deck box to store it in when you're not playing. I'm also throwing in a D20 spin down life counter to keep track of your life points and 10 "dragon tear" counters which are helpful for keeping track of +1/+1 counters to put on your creatures. Plus a velour dice pouch to keep the D20 and counters in. All of this will be fit into a "Fat Pack" collectable art storage box.

As with any card game, there's the cards you want, and the cards you have. Magic: the Gathering is all about trading to get what you need. Every seasoned player has a trade binder to store the cards that they just don't need in and show it to other players to trade for more useful cards for them. I'll get you started off with your first mini trade binder, and start it off right with 5 foils and 
1 Mythic Rare card!

So just a quick recap, included is:
200 commons
40 uncommons
10 rares
100 basic lands
10 non basic lands
10 token cards
100 card sleeves
1 deck box
1 spindown life counter
10 dragon tears
1 dice bag 
1 trade binder
5 foils 
1 mythic rare
and 1 fat pack box

If you wanted to get this many cards plus the storage box "cracking packs" from the store you would have to buy a fat pack and an additional 14 booster packs! Just think about it, a booster pack retails for around $3.49 and a Fat Pack will put you back $30. To get this kind of deal in the stores you would have to shell out $79 and then some after you purchased card sleeves and a deck box etc. At just 1/2 the price I'm offering a pre-built collection with a guaranteed mythic rare and all the accessories you need to get started playing with your family. 

Magic: the Gathering is over 20 years old and still going strong! Buying new packs in the stores just gets you the newest cards that came out this year. I've been collecting these cards since the game started and the cards in your starter kit will cover an expanse of 2 decades! If you or your kids are new to the game you are sure to recieve cards you've never seen before.
Note that the process Wizards of the Coast uses to make their foil cards includes gluing a metalic sheet of plastic over cardstock. Over time foil Magic cards will expand and contract with temperature and humidity creating a natural curve to the card. Lots that include foil cards will most likely have a curved apperance, these cards are not damaged it is a known issue with Magic cards that Wizards has failed to address over the years.

Please remember that no card shown in the pictures are guaranteed. All repacks are completely random hand chosen from my personal collection
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